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REII receives DOE funding for demonstration of a 25 dry ton per day integrated biorefinery (IBR) for the conversion of agriculture and forest biomass residues to clean, synthetic diesel fuel

REII successtully completes NETL demonstration of solar reforming processes for the conversion of waste carbon dioxide to clean, synthetic diesel fuel

News and Media Clips:
Alliance Formed to Commercialize Technologies That Convert Waste CO2 Into Diesel Fuel using solar energy
REII Forms Alliance To Commercialize Biomass to Diesel Fuel Production Technologies
REII Works with Desert Research Institute (DRI) and Gas Technology Institute (GTI) on Biorefinery Residues Project
Dennis Schuetzle and REII Featured on the News Hour With Jim Lehrer


The mission of Renewable Energy Institute International (REII) is to support the Research, Development, Demonstration and Commercialization of next generation technologies for the efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly production of Clean Fuels and Clean Energy from renewable cellulosic biomass and stranded fossil fuel resources.

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